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Need some help, advice or guidance?

You have come to the right place. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do or where to start. Maybe you have all the skills in place but just want a little guidance in how to apply them.

We have learned a lot over the years, both as entrepreneurs and as technical professionals. Having built, run and sold our own businesses and appeared on TV’s Dragons Den we have a wealth of knowledge that can help you on your business journey. From small start-ups to large public sector organisations, we have worked in or with them all and across sectors as diverse as airlines, jewellery, shoes, aesthetic services and more!

Just need the guidance? That’s OK!

We know running a business is like climbing stairs, gaining knowledge and running with it until you hit the next block. We learn, use that knowledge and climb to the next step. It’s a never ending process!

Our approach is one of transparency and knowledge transfer. Our customers keep coming back because we’re good and reasonably priced, not because we keep what we do a secret. We believe it’s important that you understand why we are doing something and how we are doing it just as much as seeing the end result. We want to see out customers grow in knowledge and skills just as much as finance!

We’re in this for the long term.

Our customers tend to want a long term relationship. A partner they can grow with over time and get ad-hoc mentorship from when they need it.

That would be us! We have made a lot of friends over the years and seen a lot of success stores along the way. We prefer a small number of clients with strong relationships to ‘jobbing’ technical work. If you need the advice and guidance as much as the technical skills we are likely a great fit for you.

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